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Physio Phest

Started doing some physio for my dickey arm/wrist/back and now I'm trying to fix my terrible posture but when you're 90% tits and hate it then we're in for a fun time.

Going to Big Girls Don't Cry - it's a local specialist bra store, I hate that I have to go to such a place instead of any other 10000% more convenient and cheaper option but no, we're deformed and grotesque so we have to go to specially store.

Literally everyone who wants big tits should just get punched in the spine every day every three hours instead because that's just how it feels. Oh and no nice clothes ever and everyone thinks your slutty whilst doing nothing anymore sexual than standing around trying to manage all the permanent bruises you have on you.

Eat my dick and die - I'm just sick of being in pain and treated like crap.
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Burnin' a hole

Urgh I have like 30 bux on my paypal account sitting around burning a hole and i can't think of anything to use it with. maybe just leave it there or buy some music from bandcamp.

Watching my Innocent World order sittin' round in Sydney according to the EMS tracker.... HURRY UP YOU GARBAGE AUSTRALIA POST BASTARD.
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ow my hand/arm

RSI is bullshit - i need to go to the doctors for something more than nurofen D: cuz soon i won't be able to do anything.
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Pizza Slut

So currently I'm working at a pizza place

It's a hokey faux New York style pizzeria right in the heart of the city.

I'm 100% convinced it's a front - cuz everyone's paid cash in hand.

The Pepperoni and Mushroom and the Triple Cheese is pretty good, but I can't stand to eat there or pizza anymore.

FYI the 'Garlic Bread' is just one slice of the Triple Cheese cut into a third and garnished with parsley. This is good because if you want that one after the 6pm flag fall when the price goes up from 5 to 7 dollars you just order the special trio of 'garlic bread' which is 5 dollars.

You're welcome.

Also I will hate you forever if you think I'll give you a whole pizza for 5, that's the price per slice, you're not clever or witty and I hate you.

Also the bbq meat combo and the bbq meatball are the grossest things on earth and I will judge you harshly if you buy more than one slice.

I am a gigantic arsehole :)
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Slightly Back for the Moment

So a lot has changed since I was here last except for the fact that I still haven't gotten around to buying more bagels D:

I am going to brave the heat and head to James Street Market for my fix of ethnic breads and lux condiments.

Also if you're reading this you're probably sussing out my account so I can join the Top Gear fan-fic comms, I come via squeesbysophie ;)

And also for shopping on the comm-sales - because I hate lolita but not enough to ever leave... sorta idk

Man LJ's changed a lot since I last left which was a bijillion years ago
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I have a strange, recurring, possibly anxiety triggered dream that I always remember vividly

For some reason - despite my years of university, TAFE and education, I have to go back to Highschool because there's this one thing I missed/fucked up/skipped that I am forced to go back as an adult and do again.

This highschool place is an amalgamation of my first primary school here in Australia (St Catherine's) and highschool (Mansfield SHS)

It rains sometimes.

Perhaps it's my feeling of invalidity in the things I have worked for, that I have missed something that was crucial enough to send me back to horrible shitty places and times, that force me back into being a child at school rather than a grown ass person. That the things I've gained don't matter. That I don't matter because of something trivial and bullshit.

It must stem from not feeling like I have achieved or done something and that I screwed the pooch on ever getting where I want to be somewhere, sometime ages ago.

Regrets? A bad choice? Bad fucking luck?