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Go Slowly!

Ambritiose Sed Ineptum

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After about a million years of absence in favor of tumblr I'm back - mostly just for shopping and fan-fiction purposes.

You can check out my intensly stupid tumblr: <a href="http://floodxland.tumblr.com>Floodland</a> - just don't get mad that it's just all dogs in cars and Top Gear... Watchmen Mood Theme by sandoz_iscariot My Journal's Open with no exclusions but please do add me to your FRIENDS list and I might just return the favor!
a clockwork orange, achewood, angel, apocalytica, arrested development, art, aubrey/maturin, badges, batman, bella lugosi, big bang theory, bill and ted, bill hicks, bisexual, bisexuality, black books, blackadder, british comedies, brokeback mountain, btssb, cake, cannibal corpse, captain jack sparrow, chicks, chocolate, christian death, cigarettes, classic lolita, coffee, commissioner gordon, cradle of filth, darth vader, deadsy, death cab for cutie, dethklok, devin townsend project, dexter, dilf, dodgeball, donnie darko, drama, dylan moran, ed wood, egl, elegant gothic lolita, enduring love, eric clapton, evil, fan fiction, femme girls, femmes, fried eggs, fry and laurie, futurama, gary oldman, goth, gothic, gothic fashion, gothic lolita, harry potter, hello kitty, him, horatio hornblower, hornblower, house, house md, hugh laurie, icon making, icons, innocent world, james may, jeeves and wooster, jeremy clarkson, jim gordon, johnny cash, johnny depp, kuro lolita, lamborghini, letter writing, lush, lush cosmetics, makeup, man kissing, marilyn manson, master and commander, maurice, men in tights, metal, metalocalypse, metamorphose temps de fille, muse, my melody, needs moar race, nick cave, night owl ii, nin, nine inch nails, novala takemoto, oscar wilde, painting, phantom of the paradise, pins, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys, protest, queer, richard hammond, role play, rorschach, rp, satan, sealab 2021, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkle, sisters of mercy, slash, slash fiction, slytherin, smallville, snape, stanley kubric, star trek, star trek tos, stephen fry, stephen maturin, strikethrough, superman, superman/batman, the bad seeds, the birthday party, the dark knight, the it crowd, the joker, the presets, the producers, the smashing pumpkins, the stig, tits, toasted cheese, top gear, top gear uk, ultraviolence, watchmen, weird al, wilde, your mum

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